Saturday, August 11, 2007

My blog is sooooo lame lately. ;)

All day, I keep thinking that I'm having O pains on the left side, but I keep talking myself out of getting my hopes up. For one, I'm relatively sure that I haven't O'd on that side in about a year - every time O has been confirmed, the pain has been on the right. For two... It's only CD22, and unless Met really is a frickin' miracle drug for me, this is waaaaaaay too early. Not to mention that I have absolutely zero other pre-O symptoms. But every time I feel that familiar stabbing pain... it sure does make a girl hopeful!

In other news, I let my FF VIP expire yesterday. I was hardly ever posting on the circles anyway (although I was keeping up with reading in my BG's as best I could), and the VIP charting features? Pretty useless when you've been at this so long that you could probably confirm O even without charting. Same old shit, different (three to four) month(s).

When I went to put my temp in this morning, I clicked on the community tab out of habit, and then got a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach when it said that my membership was expired and I had to renew to log in to the circles. I'm a little sad that I'm going to miss the rest of the journey of some of the women I've been posting with. I made sure to point out my blog address in my signature before I left, so hopefully some of them will come find me out here. And if you are one of my BG friends and you've followed my link to here, please comment and make sure you come back if you have news to share!!!


  1. I'm sure you'll pick up more friends along the way...I'll be keeping and I on you. I don't always comment-but I always read :)

  2. I meant to say "an eye on you"...not, "and I on you".
    I don't know what happened with my typing there. weird.