Saturday, December 29, 2007

I really thought that Christmas would bring with it more time. Time to catch up on all of the blogs I haven't been to in weeks. Time to post a long overdue update on my own blog...

Instead, every day has been a dawn to dusk flurry of activity! Most of it completely spontaneous.

And now, my time off is ending. One more day off and then it's back to work and school and all the busyness that goes along with them.

I haven't even taken a belly pic since the last one I posted! I think about it every day, but always when I'm in the middle of something else or too exhausted to bother.

Everything is going well. I'm starting to feel Thumper squirming around in my (rapidly expanding) belly. It's really starting to feel like this is actually real. This is actually happening. It's amazing.

Anyway, I better sign off - R had a bad fall snowboarding today, which resulted in a bad sprain, and he's on his way home from the hospital right now so I need to make sure I'm ready to take care of him when he gets here.

Take care everyone! I hope to catch up on everyone's recent activities very soon!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I've been a bad bad blogger...

Frankly, I've been ridiculously busy. Between work and school and all of this extra sleep I've been needing, my blog reading and writing time is suffering. Classes are over for the semester tomorrow, and then I've just got one more term project and two exams to get through.

Thumper is happily thumping away in there - 150BPM at our check-up on Monday. Next u/s is January 16th. I think R is really excited for that one, because Thumper will be less blob-like and more baby-like by then.

I am absolutely blown away that we're 13 weeks already. It's just flown by faster than I could ever have imagined. Again, school, work, and extra sleep contribute to how fast it's going I think. At this rate, it'll be June before I know it!