Tuesday, August 28, 2007

AF showed up tonight, which seems to confirm my suspicion that I ovulated earlier than my chart showed. Either that or something has gone terribly wrong with my LP this cycle, but I'd rather not think about that... Regardless, I'm glad she's showed because it means the searing pain in my bbs will be subsiding soon. Phew!

Since AF didn't show til late(ish) tonight, I'll be counting tomorrow as CD1. Which gives me until Friday night to decide if I'm going to start Clomid this cycle. I'm weighing three options - 1) Do nothing different, and see if I O earlier next cycle with just Met. 2) Take Vitex again in addition to the Met and see if that helps. 3) Start Clomid and see how that goes...

I don't know why it's such a tough decision. I guess I'm worried about side effects but I'm also keeping an open mind to the fact that everyone responds differently to it. The increased risk of multiples is a concern, but it's not so much of an increase that I'm really worried. I just don't know... I asked R his opinion the other day, and he told me he was comfortable with whatever I thought was best. His confidence in my decision is comforting, but it doesn't help me to actually make the call.

Too much on my mind right now!

Edited: Just wanted to clarify that the three options are mutually exclusive - even before the first time I took Vitex I researched it and the warnings on mixing it with Clomid are everywhere. Just thought I should clarify that since a couple of you mentioned it. :)


  1. Happy to hear things are moving along for you. It may seem like it creeps by day by day but if you look back, so much has happened over the last little while, YAY. I don't know alot about the decision you are having to make right now so I unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) have no advice to offer. It sounds like you have done your homework, have all the necessary info, and now you just need to be quiet and listen to what your heart tells you. Try to not stress about it too much!

    On my end... two week wait!! I'm not charting but as for CM signs I think timing was bang on (he he pun totally intended). Here's hoping the next two weeks go by quickly and end happily!!

  2. Oh I just hate it when my hubby says that something is up to me! There are just sometimes when I don't want the responsibility of the decision making whether it be related to infertility or the evenings dinner choice. I wish I had some good advice for you about how to decide what to do, but I don't, other than to just go with your heart. Good luck!

  3. Clomid made me ovulate a good bit sooner. It might help.

  4. Anonymous29.8.07

    I think I would take clomid. It would make me feel like I was doing something with more of a chance.

  5. good luck whatever you choose. i'm sorry to hear about AF. here's my a$$vice for the day: i've heard not to take vitex at the same time as clomid.

  6. Ughh--I hate when my husband says it's up to me. Unless of course I actually have some idea of what I want and he has a different idea...lol

    I've read the same thing about not mixing Clomid and vitex. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  7. sometimes the men in our life just don't "get" that we want them to make the decision... i don't understand why though because they're always willing to give an opinion when we DON'T want it.


  8. I don't know what dose of clomid you're on but I was told 3% chance of multiples at 100mg so bah, no biggy, not enough to worry about, maybe something to get excited about:-)