Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I think I may have O'd yesterday. Unfortunately, I slept in this morning and completely missed temping, so I can't confirm til tomorrow. My poor bbs are doing the post-O pain thing, and my CM (and ear wax!) has completely disappeared. If I'm right, and I O'd on CD26, that is FREAKING AWESOME! Still, you know, not perfect. But a hell of a lot better than normal!

If I'm right, that puts AF starting on or about the 28th, and I'd be starting Clomid the 31st/1st of September! That's a whole lot better than the October/November scenario I had played out in my head. Thank you Metformin!!!

Of course, that's assuming that this cycle didn't work, and if I did in fact O yesterday, we did have good timing... so... I don't want to say the 'H' word... but...


  1. AH, don't you hate missing an important temp date? That would drive me crazy.
    I hope you O'd,too, and I hope we hear good news in two weeks.
    Thanks for your "assvice"..I hope she's right,too. This is the most emotional and confused I've been in a long time.

  2. I'd love to add you to the urban legend list.. getting ready to start something and boom! you're pregnant.

    Congrats on the less-abnormal cycle.

  3. Oh I hope you are right!

  4. I thought CD 26 was a crappy O day... until it lead to that crazy BFP!

    Even if it doesn't happen the same way, having better timing for the Clomid cycle is a wonderful thing!

  5. Yeah for a big fat O! Now onto the BFP!