Saturday, August 2, 2008

I wish I was coming here to say I have more smooshable pictures to post, but somehow my battery charger for the camera has been lost since the move and therefore not only can I not take pictures but even the ones I already had on the camera are irretrievable for the time being. I have one of those itty bitty tiny memory cards that doesn't fit in a card reader without a special adaptor - which is of course also MIA.

LB is almost eight weeks old now, and I cannot believe how fast the days are flying. Between snuggling the little guy and keeping up with the laundry (I love my cloth diapers, but they are definitely more work!) I have little time for anything else - which is both great and unfortunate, being that my house is still only half unpacked.

LB is growing well, despite some minor milk supply issues likely related to the PCOS. I'm back on Metformin now, and that seems to have fixed the problem.

He's still got his nights and days backwards, which is great fun. It's a small miracle that I'm here posting right now, as he went down tonight two hours earlier than normal (although I hear him stirring, so it could be short lived). I've been told that trying to alter sleep patterns is futile until at least three months, so we're going to tough it out another month and if he doesn't get it figured out by then we're going to have to help him with it. Not really looking forward to that, because it basically involves keeping him awake when he wants to be sleeping, which sounds like a sure fire recipe for a cranky infant!

We're also dog sitting for some friends right now, and while I love their dog to bits I could have strangled him last night after I was up four times to tell him to cut out the whining. As if having an infant wasn't enough sleep deprivation, in between feeds I had the darn dog waking me up! Last night was his first night here, so hopefully tonight he'll be more comfortable. As I type this, he's snoring away in his kennel a few feet away from me, so maybe that's a good sign.

Ugh. I'm sure this post is painfully boring, but I'm too brain dead for anything more. Maybe in another two months I'll be getting enough sleep to be coherent, if not witty!

Take care all!