Thursday, April 3, 2008

One week ago today, we received word from our property management company (through which we have rented our lovely home for the last three years) that the owner had decided it was time to sell, and the house would be on the market in a week if we didn't come to an agreement to buy it ourselves.

Cue much crying and stressing and general freaking out on my part. With my maternity leave rapidly approaching, finding somewhere new to live (bought or rented, depending) and then moving is a very daunting task.

So, we tried to come to an agreement with the owner, but as of this moment they are asking $13k over the absolute maximum we are willing to pay for this house. As much as we love it, it's just not worth as much to us as they want to get for it...

Which is too bad, but such is life.

So, tomorrow, R and I start looking at other houses in the area. Yay! for finally buying a house, but not so Yay! that it's right now. Luckily, we have lots of family and friends that have already offered to help us not only move, but also to pack (which is the really daunting part for me... Third trimester hormones are kicking my already exhausted butt!).

In other news, despite all predictions to the contrary I somehow miraculously passed the three hour GTT! I failed the one hour so badly both my doctor and I figured the three hour was only a formality, but surprisingly all values were within normal range! Yay! I just wish I could get those two days of my life back, where I was so sick from just doing the test that I hardly got out of bed!

Other than the house stress, and the waiting for the GTT results stress, everything else is going as good as can be expected. It's tax season, which means I'm ridiculously busy at work, and the two night classes I'm taking are keeping me very busy as well, but I'm getting by. Only a couple more weeks till exams, less than a month until tax season is over, and less than two months until I'm off work for about nine months!