Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is it bad that I'm laughing at my chart?

Put in today's temp, and got dotted crosshairs. I sooooo did not ovulate, so when I saw that, I burst out laughing.

Yesterday's temp was taken 2 hours late, and the temp before was after less than 3 hours sleep, so both are artificially high. I thought about discarding yesterdays just to get rid of the crosshairs, but I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings.

I know I didn't O. No fertile CM at all yet this cycle. And by 5 DPO when I really do ovulate the progesterone makes me want to rip my flaming breasts right off of my body, and at the moment there isn't so much as a twinge coming from the girls.

Not to mention that ovulation on CD11 is completely laughable in and of itself, given my last 3 cycles.

My ticker is a link to my chart, if you feel like taking a look for yourselves.

I'm off to write my first final exam for this semester! Yay!


  1. When I charted, my temps looked more like the Andes than a true graph of my ovulation pattern. It was utter crap. I quit. I ditched the thermometer. It was liberating. During our first appointment with our RE, he asked if we were temping. I told him what I just wrote to you, and he was glad to hear it. He said his tests were more thurough anyway, and it was one less thing for me to deal with.

    Anyway, have a great day!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your Taxation II exam. The mineral water is on the house. And I'm glad you pulled up a seat at the bar for the first time.

    Aaaah, that chart looks very similar to my charts. Back when I remembered to chart. I have now forgotten 4 days in a row despite the lifetime membership to Fertility Friend.

  3. thanks for your kind comments in my blog today. I really appreciate it.

    As for charting... I'm with teamwinks on this one. My charts were ridiculous. Months and months of essentially the same number. I never ever ovulated and the charts were just a barren wasteland, not unlike my uterus. I wanted to kiss my first RE when she told me to throw out the thermometer.