Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So, I went for my CD3 blood work, but left very confused and emotional. Dr. only ordered FSH, not LH & FSH, and I'm not sure why or what that means. From my understanding, it's the balance between them that matters the most, so I'm not sure why she would order one and not the other.

I think R thinks I've officially gone crazy, because I spent the car ride home from the lab fighting back tears. Part of me wants to call my Dr. and find out what's up, but I'm so irritated with that one receptionist that I don't want to risk having to talk to her again because in this state that would just send me over the edge. R thinks I should just trust that my Dr. ordered the right thing, since she's probably already seen the results from 2 weeks ago and definitely has more information at this point than I do. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

R did his sample for his SA this morning, and we rushed it to the hospital. So that's done, and he's feeling relieved to have gotten it over with.


Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. It's sure been a string of lousy ones.


  1. hmmmm, i think i only had my FSH tested?

    i'm glad you're getting dh's s/a. That will tell you a lot. That's usually such an easy fix.

    Hope you get some answers soon. I think you should prank-call that receptionist. If we lived in the same town...i'd come over and we'd do just that.
    We could call her on speaker phone and launch into some long-winded question and not let her interrupt us. Like "hi. i;d like to ask dr.soandso and if she thinks we're not getting pregnant...b/c right before my husband climaxes i do...and then, who cares about him, right? so, i do...and then well he gets a little...well you know and then i can't concentrate and the muscles are so loose...and you know what that means....

    by then we'd have to hang up b/c we would have started laughing and she'd really be ticked then. See, all infertiles should live in the same state. Right?

  2. You really know how to cheer a girl up! That would be so much fun and would relieve so much stress!

    As for R's SA, I really hope it comes back normal, because with my cycles we've already got enough on our plate. But, at the same time, I'm thrilled that we're getting it checked, just in case. If we were dealing with MFI as well and didn't know it, that would suck even worse.

  3. Delurking... :) We've only gotten as far as the first SA. At the time Doc recommended it since we'd gone about 11 months with no success. That's where we started. Since SA came back abnormal motility and morphology, hubby goes back for a 2nd SA in about 3 weeks. I have NO idea what to expect. I'm trying to graduate in June and at this point don't feel like I have the time or energy to focus on either much, so I'm just waiting for more info from the 2nd SA before we take any next steps.