Friday, April 13, 2007

Okay, so I should totally be studying for exams and not blogging right now, but I wanted to update on my call to the doctor's office today.

Yes, they have our results in. The nurse couldn't tell me why we hadn't been called, other than maybe my doctor thought that we were just going to book an appointment after the tests were done, assuming that they would be in by the time we could get an appointment. Of course, I remember clearly that she told me that they *would* call me, because the blood work before that took so long to come back (so long in fact, that I still don't know those results, because the results weren't in for my last appointment).

Anyway, it doesn't matter anymore. We're booked in for Monday to go over the results. Crossing my fingers that the results bring answers and not more questions!


  1. hope you get the answers you want and need. ; )

  2. I too hope the results are nothing but good news. Ok, or at least give you a good direction to go in.

  3. Not much longer now until your appointment. I hope it brings you information you can work with/around. Argh - waiting...