Sunday, July 1, 2007

I was absolutely *dreading* the Canada Day celebrations today, because I *swear* every year it seems like they must bring bus loads of pregnant women into town just for the soul purpose of walking around the park. I know that's completely crazy, but it crosses my mind every year!

I first noticed this phenomenon several years ago, before we had decided to try, but after I got the baby bug in a bad way. At that time, seeing all the pregnant bellies was a reminder of what we weren't quite ready to do. Now, it's a reminder of what we're unable to do.

However, I am pleased to report that the bus must have gotten a flat on the way to the park, because I saw many less large bellies than usual.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and even though we aren't realizing our current dream, we are incredibly blessed to have M. She certainly takes the sting out of days like today.


  1. A bus full of pregnant woman. Oh no, that would be too much. I'm glad this year was better.

  2. Glad they didn't make it this year in huge numbers!

  3. Anonymous2.7.07

    Thanks for visiting my blog! A gestational caravan -- (shudder).

    BTW my husband and I are considering a trip to Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver in September. I'll be asking for travel tips soon, so please check back!

  4. A whole bus of pregnant women--what a nightmare!

    Glad that M took the sting out of the day.

    And I'd love to have you participate in the roundup celebration. Put you on the list. Email me so I can tell you your match later this week (because someone will review yours and you'll review someone else):

  5. It wasn't that bad this year was it. Of course I did have my two wieners with me...