Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey there Ovaries!

Nice to see you finally returned to work! Must be mighty nice to take a three month vacation without putting in any notice. Well, I guess technically I should have expected this, being that you've been on holidays more than you've been at work this year. Anyway, enough of that, I'm just glad you've returned, and this cycle is nearing an end. Terribly nice of you to come back after I'd already made an appointment with my doctor to discuss a temp replacement for you though. Maybe next time just send me a postcard and let me know when your flight gets in, so I don't jump the gun again.

Yours Truly,

Happy to be in the TWW!

So yes, it looks like I finally really did actually O. I wasn't convinced, but 7 days of higher temps did change my mind eventually. Especially when I overlayed my charts at ovulation, and these are normal post-O temps for me. It had been so long I'd forgotten. ;)

So, appointment with doc on Monday is pretty pointless, but I'm going to go anyway. I wanted to talk to him about starting Metformin *before* we do the HSG, just to get things trucking along. I'm not going to tell him that I've been charting again (he didn't exactly put down charting, but he gave me the impression that he thinks it's pointless once you've diagnosed SIF and are starting to pull out the big guns) - I'll just tell him that I think I've O'd and that if I don't start a new cycle within a week of the appointment, that we'll need to do something else.

Anyway! Off to work! 7.5 more hours till the weekend!


  1. I'm pleased that this cycle seems to be finally happening but I think you are quite right to see the doctor anyway.
    Surely he'll have a plan to help sort these cycles out? I certainly hope so.

  2. Glad the ovaries are cooperating. Polycystic ones could be really stubborn. We're in the 2WW together.