Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HSG report!

As I was walking in to the hospital, I gave myself a paper-cut with my requisition form. Ah crud, I thought, that might be a bad sign.

Got checked in, got my gown on (and the last housecoat! Woo Hoo!), and got settled in to wait.

The tech assisting Dr. Wonderful came to get me, and it turned out that I know her. She was the tech that gave me my first ultrasound when I was pregnant with M, and she has a son M's age that goes to M's school. So, we chatted for a bit while she got everything set up. She threw me off guard when she said "so you're going to have another?", but then I clued in that the procedure I was there for and the 'second degree infertility' notation on the requisition would have tipped her off. Silly me!

She asked me when my last period started, and just as I was answering her, Dr. W walked in. He smiled and commented that I had been correct in my estimate, and that I obviously knew my body really well. I laughed and said "more than I ever thought I would", to which he responded "And probably more than you ever wanted to!". We had a chuckle over that, and then it was down to business.

He was having trouble getting my cervix into view, and he asked me if my pap smears were usually difficult. I said no, but that my cervix was probably being uncooperative because it knew what was coming!

There was definitely some pain and cramping - thank goodness I took Advil beforehand, because I just cannot imagine how bad it would have been without. They took the x-rays, and then after the radiologist had left they brought them up on the screen so that I could take a look. My uterus is perfectly normal, and both tubes spilled dye beautifully. I was surprised by the difference in configuration of my tubes. The left one was really long and straight and the dye was spilling out over towards my hip bone. The right was really curvy and convoluted and the dye was spilling out right next to my uterus. Dr. W didn't seem to think that was a problem.

As he was cleaning up, he asked me if he had already told me that fertility is increased in the three months following the procedure, and I said yes. Then I smiled and asked him if I had told him that it took me over three months to ovulate last cycle. He laughed, because of course I had told him that and he knew I was just being cheeky. Then he said "you never know", and said he'd see me at my next appointment (as yet unscheduled - I'm supposed to go see him again once AF shows again).

I got cleaned up and got the hell out of there, because at this point all I wanted to do was get home and lie down on the couch. I wasn't in tons of pain, but it was enough that I was really glad I took the afternoon off work.

All in all, a good day, and thankfully the paper-cut was just me being uncoordinated, and not an omen of things to come.

Thank you all for your good thoughts today! I really appreciate them!


  1. Yep, with PCOS-ers, the whole "fertile-after-the-HSG" thing doesn't necessarily work all that well. I hate that the normal rules don't apply to us!

  2. Hooray for a great uterus and clear tubes! I hope your ovaries cooperate and take advantage of your enhanced fertility!

  3. yay! Sorry it was uncomfortable, but I'm sure it was nice to hear something positive about your "lady business" ;)
    I think it's so interesting that fallopian tubes are sometimes so random- all the pictures we ever see in textbooks make them look like perfectly symmetrical noodles.

  4. I'm so glad this turned out well for you. I hope you are feeling better now.

  5. I'm glad your tubes are open! I had a surprise and had a closed one (when it was open when I was ttc#1). So Horray!!! And that it wasn't TOO bad. Mine hurt to high heaven!

    I just wanted to comment about your uterus looking good. Although they can see the shape, have you had an HSS done? I got one heck of another surprise when I got that done and it was months and months after my HSG. It seems there was an issue that I didn't even know about from the birth of #1 and it wrecked havoc on my uterus, which isn not caught during an HSG. I'm not being a negative nelly, so I won't go through all the detail :) but if you want to know, come and comment on my blog and I'll give you the low-down!

  6. Congratulations on the good HSG test! I'm glad to hear that fertility is enhanced not just one but three months after the test. This month will be my third month after mine. I've been really hoping.