Saturday, July 21, 2007

CD2 today! That means HSG is definitely a go for Wednesday!

Unfortunately, I woke up with a migraine. Which means I'm going to miss a good friend's bridal shower/stagette tonight. I'm super bummed about that.

Going back to bed to try to sleep off this monster.


  1. Good luck with the HSG. It does hurt quite a bit but only for a second. It is weird.

    Also, You will adjust to the Met. i always got really gassy every time I upped my dose and I felt nauseous for the first month or so but i'm all better now.

  2. Urgh. I'm sorry that you feel like crap. Sleep away......

    PS, thanks for dropping by my little corner of the 'net



  3. Good luck on the HSG. Just had one of those about two months ago. Hurt like hell.

  4. Good luck with the HSG.

    Sorry about the migraine.

  5. Anonymous23.7.07

    Sleep well, and good luck for the HSG. Never did that myself, I often wonder if I should, just to cover all bases, you know?


  6. Good luck with the HSG! Mine didn't hurt a bit. And, i know, i know, but it does make you more fertile for a few months afterwards.

  7. I get those menstrual migraines too, and they are just awful. I feel for you. One thing that helps me, other than a nap, is a little big of real Coke or a Hershey bar. I was also on Metformin for a while and mostly had trouble with getting lightheaded and woozy. Again, real Coke helped. Did the hsg thing too, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was, though I did major complaining to my hubby in order to play the mega sympathy card. I highly suggest it! Good luck!