Tuesday, October 9, 2007

We have kept completely quiet about our fertility issues with all of the parents from the beginning, to avoid the ritual interrogations we suspected we might be subjected to if they were in on things. R's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and his dad took him out for lunch that day. His dad started asking him a bunch of questions regarding our family plans, so R decided to spill the beans, and gave him a condensed version of the last 17 months, including our current treatment plans.

Fast forward to later that night, when we had R's parents and my parents over for dinner, and as R's parents were getting ready to leave his mom out of the blue makes a comment about fertility drugs, and how anyone considering taking them should come hang out at her work (daycare) for a few hours (!!!). At this point, I'm still in the dark about the conversation R had with his dad earlier, so all I'm thinking at that point is that it's a damn good thing she doesn't know what's going on!

Well, apparently R's dad had quite the chat with her on the way home about not 'shooting her mouth off about things she doesn't understand', and then he fills her in on everything R told him earlier at lunch. The next day, she calls R to apologize and says she hopes I wasn't too upset by her comment.

At this point, I'm still in the dark, but later that night he told me about the conversation with his dad, and the apology from his mom, and all is well. I was surprised that he didn't discuss it with me before telling his dad, but I wasn't upset because I was already starting to think that maybe we should open up a little more about it with the families.

Fast forward to this weekend... After our positives and after we've decided that we want to wait several weeks before we spill our good news...

Saturday was FIL's birthday, so we were at the in-law's house for dinner. Of course, when MIL was asking what everyone was having to drink with dinner, I chose to have juice. I didn't really think anything of it, but apparently she did! Later when she and R were in the kitchen getting FIL's cake ready, she flat out told him that she thought I must be pregnant because I was drinking juice.

Now, it's quite a leap, because I don't drink wine more often than I do, but at this point she's convinced. Ryan tells her she's jumping to conclusions, but she clearly doesn't buy it.

Now, had that been the last family dinner of the weekend, we would have been fine. However, being that this weekend was Thanksgiving, we also had Turkey dinner the next night at the in-law's, and this time my parents were going to be there as well. We knew my MIL wasn't going to buy it if we continued to deny her suspicions and I again turned down the wine (because, you know, I apparently never turn down wine), so we decided to just spill the beans before everyone figured it out for themselves.

M was excited when we gave her the shirt I bought a few months ago, but it did take her a few minutes to really understand what it meant. She wore it to dinner, but she kept a sweater over it until we all sat down at the table. People were so focused on eating that it wasn't noticed for about 15 minutes. Everyone was very excited once they figured it out, and several toasts were given, one of which was by my dad congratulating R with a "good work son!". If only he knew everything we've gone through - not a conversation I really want to have with my dad though!

Now, since then, R hasn't been able to stop himself from telling everybody, so now most of our friends and family know. I'm going to have to tell my work soon, because we're in a small enough town that now that people know my employer could hear the news second hand if I don't tell them first.

So, yeah, even more terrified now, because now if something goes wrong there will be a lot of people that will have to be told. But I'm trying to stay positive and tell myself that everything will be fine and I'm worrying about nothing.

First prenatal appointment on Friday!

Hoping Dr. Wonderful sends me for a scan ASAP so my fears can be relieved a little!


  1. Anonymous9.10.07

    How exciting for you all. Looking forward to hearing some good news about your Dr's appointment and the scan.
    Have a geat rest of the week.
    Hugs, Lesley

  2. I'm glad the telling when well. My family always finds out within hours what my beta is, so for good or bad, they'd be in the ride. It is nice to have family support.

  3. Anonymous10.10.07

    good luck for Friday,not long to go now, hope all is well :) X

  4. What a fun time!

    Wishing you the best at your appt.

  5. I never told, but I was far too much of a worry wart to.

    Wishing you a wonderful appointment,



  6. Anonymous10.10.07

    I hope the scan brings nothing but good news!

  7. hope all went well today!