Saturday, October 13, 2007

Somebody *please* help me breathe!

I'm sitting here trying to calm myself down but my heart is racing and I can't take a deep breath.

Discovered some light brown discharge this morning on my TP. Immediately thought to myself 'It's okay, this is normal', but then I googled (why oh why did I google) and for every person that says they had brown spotting and went on to have a perfectly successful pregnancy, there's two that say they miscarried! Now, I know that the stats say different - 20% of pregnancies have some spotting, and in 80% of those everything is perfectly fine - but I can't help but be terrified right now.

Time to dig out one of my meditation CDs...


  1. Anonymous13.10.07

    Try and breathe.

    As long as it isn't red (and even red spotting can be nothing) you should be ok.

  2. breathe, breathe. . .
    give your doc a call and go in for some reassurance, but this doesn't have to mean anything bad.

    much easier said than done, i know....

    thinking of you.

  3. Breathe. And then call your doctor. When I was p/g I had some too pretty early on. While I m/c later because they had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. I definitely don't think the spotting had anything to do with it.

    Also, my sister spotted with red blood through 14 weeks and she is fine and so is the baby.

    HUGS!!! I'll be praying for you!

  4. I know this won't be especially calming, but up to 20% of pregnancies ANYWAY are lost before the become 'clinical' (ultrasound visible).

    In a twisted way, what I'm saying is that a little brown goop is probably fine. Red would be more worrying, but even then the majority of women that have this go on to have perfectly healthy babies.

    If it gets red, heavy and you start getting decent cramps (and I mean decent, the odd twinge is ok), I'd see someone about it,


  5. OMG! Totally stop and breathe! I found brown spotting a week ago, too, and freaked out. I googled it and immediately saw all the worst case scenarios!
    In the past week I have learned something invaluable: do not rely on the internet to diagnose every pregnancy symptom you have. Last week this time, I was convinced I had an ectopic pregnancy and by Sunday morning I was miscarrying. All because of the misinformation on the internet.
    I finally talked to some of my friends who have had babies recently and all three of them assured me that they spotted brown, very light, quite consistantly through their first trimesters! As long as A) it's not bright red, B) a lot like when you're having your period AND C) accompanied by extreme cramping, you should have nothing to worry about. I ran that by my OB too and she agreed.

    So you're okay. Don't panic. Take a deep breath before you wipe with TP every time. That's what I've had to master in the past week.

    It's going to be alright. :)

  6. Breathe.

    Call your doc for an u/s. Any doc should do it with any amount of spotting, even brown spotting. I do recall that brown is not as bad as red, so I hope it is nothing.

    Thinking of you.