Friday, October 12, 2007

Appointment this morning went well. No surprises.

They made me pee in a cup, because I guess even if you tell them you've already pee'd on eight tests they have to make you do one more to make sure you're not hallucinating! ;)

We discussed whether I should stay on Metformin. At length. I want to stay on it, but he advised that I stop taking it. I still don't want to stop taking it, even after our discussion, but I don't want to go against his orders either. Regardless, I've only got a weeks worth left and he clearly has no intentions of writing me another script, so I'm done then anyway.

He's calculating me at 6 weeks 3 days, going from LMP. I know that's wrong, but he says that's what's going in my chart until we do a dating ultrasound. First scan is booked for the 30th, but I won't get any info from that until November 16th because he's away for the first two weeks of November. Hopefully they'll tell me *something* at the scan, but I actually quite doubt that.

He brought up the possibility of multiples again, and added specifically to my U/S rec that he wants them to check for multiple embryos, but said that his gut feeling is that there is only one in there. I'll be happy either way, but carrying one would certainly be easier!

I guess that's it... He didn't feel there was any need to move forward with any further bloodwork until after we go over the scan results, so we're basically in limbo for the next month! Eeeek!

In other news, still nauseated all the time, still suffering from nasty heartburn, boobs still hurt, right ovary is still having a fit (Dr. says it's probably a corpus luteum cyst, and it'll clear up on its own soon), still exhausted, still starving all the time (which really doesn't go well with the heartburn), etc. etc. But I feel GREAT because all of this is because I'M PREGNANT!


  1. WOOT! I am so happy for you! I have a question. Where you ovulating before clomid?

  2. great news! hopefully you will get a great u/s tech who will at least tell you *something.*

  3. :)

    My OB didn't believe my dates when I was pregnant, either.

    SO I argued with her.

    I mean, IF women tend to know when they ovulated pretty damn well, and it almost never matches menstrual dates.

    I just wasn't going to take some stranger telling me a garbage EDD when we had the information to hand to make a accurate determination!


  4. So sorry you are getting the nausea :( But yay! You are pregnant so who cares! The u/s tech should be able to date the baby for you there, they should do a measurement and I don't see why they couldn't tell you? I sure hope so, waiting a whole month for any info is too long! Agh!

  5. I did find the mandatory urine test annoying after I had peed on so many sticks!

    I also had my own EDD that I considered correct and the slightly off one my OB came up with.

    I hope you see one healthy embry at your u/s!

  6. Congratulations!!! I stumbled upon your blog by accident and I'm glad I did...I just found out I'm pg too, and about the same timing. Take care of yourself while you wait out the month before the U/s. I'll be thinking of you!

  7. A month is a long time! Hope it flies by :)

    I too never understand how they calculate the dates? Mine always seem a week off?

    Geohdes right, I never listened either and I was right on the money with LaLa!

    I always suspected they add a week just because!