Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So, the first thought that ran through my mind this morning when I looked at my thermometer was just one word, but with so much meaning:


With a second low temp, I figured there was no way I was getting my cross hairs back this morning, and of course most importantly it meant that the O I thought *might* have happened on CD16 (which I was given cross hairs for after my CD19 temp was entered but then taken away after that low temp on CD20), never actually happened.

Cue completely pointless CD21 progesterone test (headed off to that in a bit).

Cue whining to R about how my body can't get it's act together. Cue additional whining about likely having to do double Clomid next cycle, followed by whining from R about having to deal with double the Clomid Crazies next time. He said this in jest, but it still almost warranted throwing something at the dear man's head. ;)

So then I enter today's temp. And get cross hairs. And I don't understand why. I've stared at it for some time, and I just don't get it. Two temps below cover line in the first 5 days, plus EWCM after the marked O date... it just doesn't add up. They should be dotted, at the very least. But no, there they are. Normal, solid, definite cross hairs.

Anyone have any ideas? (Click on the ticker above to go directly to my chart.)

Apparently, obsession brings out the social butterfly in me. ;)

Edited to add: Thanks for all the input girls. I think what's freaking me out the most is how much this cycle already looks like the very first cycle I charted last September. If you click through to my chart now, I've got last September's chart right below the current one, so you can see what I mean.

Last September - newly charting and utterly convinced that charting was the answer to all of our 'Can't Get Knocked Up' woes, I had a temp jump on CD18-20 very similar to the jump on CD16-18 of this cycle. I was soooo excited! I! Got! Cross! Hairs! Yay!

Of course, immediately following that my temp dropped, FF took away my cross hairs, and that cycle become the second longest of the past year at 74 days.

Now, I know that this cycle so much is different (on Metformin for 2 months now, doing Clomid for the first time) and the chances of that particularly piece of my history repeating itself are very very very slim. But looking at those charts side by side? Eek!

*sigh* Maybe time to check with the doc about a Valium prescription... ;)


  1. Sorry about the whole temp thing. I really don't know what to tell you as I'm totally useless with the whole charting thing! However, I am wishing you the best!

  2. I'm just getting the hang of this whole charting thing so I am no expert but it's pretty clear to me that you o'd on CD16. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. I'm thinking if your temp is up again tomorrow--you'll keep the O date. I know how frustrating trying to track all this can be. Let us know what the progesterone comes back as.

  4. i'm with alison. . .mostly because of the EWCM you're reporting. charting can be so frustrating...

  5. Anonymous18.9.07

    Charting can be frustrating. Doesn't fertility friend use 3 days of temps to confirm ovulation? It has been a while since I charted. If so, you have the 3 days above the cover line, so I would guess you ovulated on day 16.

  6. Well you had the 3 high temps which confirms O. Yesterday your circle is open so was it early? I might have to suggest implantation dip...

  7. I'd advise you to step away from the thermometer, but even I can't make myself (in a freaking IVF cycle foer cryingoutloud!)


  8. I am hoping hard that this cycle will be different. Man, I hate charting!

  9. frikking FF. capriciously giving and then taking away crosshairs. do they not realize how our very sanity hangs in the balance?