Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alright, I promised an appointment update, and I'm not going to bed until I get this posted, so I'm going to make it short!

Day 21 progesterone didn't show ovulation. Shocking, I know. ;) I actually laughed out loud when he said that, because he delivered it like it was going to be disappointing news for me and of course I already knew how it was going to come back.

He was very unconcerned that I still hadn't O'd and it was day 24. We discussed last cycle, and I told him I O'd between CD27 and CD30, and he said that as far as he was concerned that is a perfectly fine range. I've read some stuff about long cycles and over-mature eggs, but nothing really 'official', so I'm going to trust him on that one.

I left the requisition for the next progesterone draw in my car, but I think he wants it on CD 31...

I'm 99% sure I'm going to O any day now, but I've thought that before and been wrong so we'll have to see. We're on doctors orders to get busy every other day until CD31, and both R and I are happy to follow orders. ;)

Honestly, I don't think the Clomid did a thing this cycle, and while he didn't come out and say it I think he agreed with me. So, we'll see how this next progesterone draw goes and then move forward from there. I got the impression that he wants to try another 50mg cycle before we move up, but if I haven't O'd by CD31 that might change.

I'm getting to the point that while I still really really really like my doctor, I wish we lived closer to an actual fertility clinic. Closest one is four hours away, so seeing them is out of the question unless we need to move on to IUI/IVF. I don't know what we'll do if it gets to that point... but I guess we'll figure that out if/when we get there!

Alright, so not so short after all! Hope I didn't bore you all to tears!

Oh, and the George Canyon concert was *AWESOME*! I've been meaning to write about that too, but that'll have to be another day because this girl is very sleepy!

Edited to add: So, I checked the requisition, and he's got it marked CD30/September 27th. That puts me 5DPO for the test if I did in fact O yesterday. That should be okay right? The numbers won't be great, but O can still be detected at 5DPO right?


  1. Your pcos sounds like my pcos! Snap!

    When I ovulate on my own it's never before CD 31 or so (if it happens)

    good luck catching that egg :)


  2. Anonymous23.9.07

    Will your doc try you on Femara? I know a few people, both in blogland and real life who have had luck with it when clomid didn't work.

  3. I hope your ovulation comes soon. Clomid never did jack for me!

  4. I'm one of those bitches who ovulates on her own (sorry) but the only thing Clomid did for me was make me psycho. I know of lots of people who have taken it and not one has had it do anything for them. I'm starting to wonder about its value...