Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Am

Coffeegrl tagged me for the I Am meme, and I've been having a hard time getting down to write it because I've been in a wierd sort of funk lately. I think it's just the stress of work and school, and the fog is starting to lift so it's time to get down to this task before you all get the idea that I'm a horrible person to tag!

I am... an emotional girl.

I am... a TV addict. I'm not inclined to count right now, but I would imagine I have about 15 series recordings set up on our PVR.

I am... a pescatarian. No, that's not some wierd religion you've never heard of. It means that the only animal flesh I consume is seafood.

I am... prone to playing devil's advocate, and can argue any side into the ground if I'm so inclined, whether I believe in it or not. I just love arguing for the sake of arguing. This makes Philosophy classes super fun!

I am... a very lucky wife. I couldn't ask for a better husband. He's my best friend, my biggest supporter and advocate, and super sexy to boot.

I am... not very good about thinking of things that I am.

I am... a numbers person. This makes accounting a perfect profession for me.

I am... one of those wierd wierd people who gets excited about preparing tax returns!

I am... Scottish to the core. Sadly, I've never been there, but when I think about traveling the world, that's the first country I plan to visit.

I can't think of anyone to tag, since just about everyone in the blogosphere has done this already, except for friend and frequent commenter Milissa, who could maybe use this as a first post on her blog? Hint hint! ;)


  1. I'm such a numbers person too. Do you find writing difficult? I find it torture at times. I just lack that creative flair for words. I so appreciate good writing which makes it worse, I know mine is poor!

    What's with the Scottish thing? I'm curious. Where would someone get the desire to visit here over other places? I love living in Scotland but I can't imagine why it would appeal , over other exotic or warm places, to others. If you ever manage to visit let me know. I'll show you round!

  2. Lol, hint taken and challenge gladly accepted. Lemme see what I can come up with.

  3. Wow. I'm glad I tagged you for this. If I need help with tax returns (ugh) you may hear from me ;) Actually, we usually pay someone else to deal with the headache. And I spent almost 5 years in budgeting (not accounting - but still very numbers related!)