Friday, May 11, 2007

CD 40. Nothing going on. *Le sigh*

Several ladies (I'll link later - gotta get this down and get my butt out the door to work) have written stern letters to their ovaries calling them out for their insolent behavior, and I figured, what the heck - may as well give it a shot!

Alright ovaries. Listen up. I know I've whined a couple of times lately when my chart has suggested that you were actually getting your lazy asses out of bed each morning and doing your freakin' job. In doing so, I certainly didn't mean to suggest that I didn't *want* you to work, I just didn't want to be told that you were working when you were in fact lazing around on the couch watching Maury all darn day long! It's kind of like when you pay someone to paint your house, and then find out from your visiting niece that when you were at work and they didn't think anyone was watching, they went and spent a couple of hours in the neighbours pool. (True story! I was the niece!)

Okay, so I digress. This is getting ridiculous, my dear ovaries. 40 days, and the best you can do is tease me? Three patches of fertile cervical fluid, spotting, and a temp line that resembles the Rocky Mountains? Pathetic! If you were performing up to standard, I would have been over AF a week ago and be getting ready to O again! In fact, you should have produced 9 good eggs in the 8 and a half months since I started monitoring your activity, and you've only managed to put out 3! This is going to severely impact your performance bonus if you don't shape up.

Now, suck it up and get back to work!


  1. oh too funny. i bet they will be frightened into action!!
    way to sock it to'em.

  2. Our ovaries must be good friends. I'm on CD40 myself. They're just lazy annoying and frivolous! I hope they start showing some cooperation soon.

  3. CD 40. That must be so frustrating. I hate waiting. Surely the docs will come up with some help, no?

    I love your letter. I would be afraid to write to my reproductive parts. They'd probably be deeply offended and quit altogether and they're pretty shoddy as it is!!

    Hope this cycle decides to peak soon.

  4. yeah! get to work!

  5. Had to laugh. I think I did something along those lines before, I was rude and completely mouthy with my parts.

    They don't listen. They're stubborn and obnoxious. :)