Thursday, March 12, 2009

Post Appointment Update

So, I've discovered mobile blogging, which may just help me keep this thing updated more often because now I can blog from literally anywhere! Even in bed, which I'm sure R will tease me for, but it'll be great when I can't sleep.

So, the appointment today went good but not great. Destructor is overall healthy and doing well developmentally. But he's small. Very small. He's fallen back down to the 6th percentile for weight (still in the 60's for head circumference though!), and to the 21st for length. His doctor is concerned, but wants to take a wait and watch approach. We went over what C eats in a day, and she was very surprised that he is eating so much but not gaining. It's very possible he just has R's metabolism (R is 6' tall and 125lbs, if I haven't mentioned that before), but he wasn't a skinny baby so she doesn't want to just assume that is the case and not monitor C closely.

Just to give you an idea of how much C eats, he's breastfed an average of nine times a day and supplemented with formula, eats three meals a day including cereal mixed with formula and a wide variety of fruits and veggies (particularly the higher calorie ones), and he snacks in between meals! The kid should really be thirty pounds with his intake, but he's only just over seventeen right now.

She doesn't want me to change anything right now - we're just going to go back to monthly appointments and keep monitoring him and see how that goes.

Anyone else have a small baby and have any thoughts they'd like to share? I'm just trying not to stress out about it, because he's obviously doing very well despite his slow weight gain.

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  1. My Naan is just over twelve pounds at 6.5 months corrected. She's off the charts. But her head is normal, as is her length (albeit on the shorter side) and her development is on track, so no worrying signs at all. She doesn't have any symptoms that suggest underlying disease and her intake is adequate.

    She's just a skinny baby. I'm five foot six and 110 pounds, so hardly surprising. If he's healthy and eating well and all else is good it's probably just Destructor ;)

    SOmetimes I think the charts were simply designed to worry parents. If we didn't measure we'd save a lot of stress!



  2. My neighbor has a 14 month old who continues to stay in the 5% range. He was actually 4 weeks early and weighed 6 pounds at birth. He has just had a hard time keeping weight on him. I do know once he turned one she stared giving him whole milk and a little bit of pediasure. She said something about that having a good amount of "good" fats. I think her doctor recommended.

    I totally understand your worries-although my situation is clearly not the same as yours. My son was 9 pounds at birth and for the first 6-8 weeks was barely gaining at all despite being weighed before and after nursing and actually getting plenty of breastmilk. They actually labeled him "failure to thrive." We were sent to an Occupational Therapist and it turned out he didn't have his suck slide swallow reflux. He was working so hard to get the milk down that he was burning most of the calories he was consuming. I remember my life revolved around his weight pretty much until he was 6 months old.

    I hope you can figure something out and he starts to gain more!

  3. he doesn't look super tiny. My gal is just 18 pounds. She lost a pound since January!
    And as for breastfeeding- do what keeps you sane and happy and baby will go with the flow.

  4. I totally do...I'll write more later. Just off to Brynn's 9 month appt.

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